Jennifer Rose


Jennifer Rose is a talented news producer with experience in guest booking, segment producing, and field producing. She booked a multitude of high-profile CEOs, economists, portfolio managers, political leaders and other guests. She landed interviews with top newsmakers ranging from tech mogul Elon Musk to former presidential candidate Ron Paul to music legend Dolly Parton to billionaire investor Carl Icahn.

In addition to booking guests, Jennifer has extensive producing experience. She produced segments in many formats, including one-on-one sit down interviews, remote interviews, panel discussions, heated debates, packaged pieces, reporter hits, readers, teases, and breaking news stories. She covered live breaking news and provided the anchors with up to the minute information from direct inside sources.

From inside the control room, she handled breaking news on stories such as the Boston Bombing, the selection of Pope Francis, major earnings announcements by Fortune 500 companies, the Federal Reserve Board announcements, deadly natural disasters including Superstorm Sandy, occasions of international turmoil in the Middle East, U.S. economic matters including the fiscal cliff and government shutdown, and U.S. Election Nights.

Jennifer has greatly enjoyed field producing live and taped shoots. She has worked on live remote shows, live-to-tape off-site interviews, reporter hits, and recorded and edited packaged pieces. She oversaw the on-site production of live remote shows from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) trading floor. During these shows, she was the main connection back to the control room and studio, and she therefore was responsible for coordinating the topics with the anchor, ensuring the technical equipment was working, and handling the guests.

Jennifer absolutely loves the media and television industry. In fact, she first caught the television bug at the ripe age of five, when she booked her professional televised gig as child actress. Performing in shows such as Saturday Night Live, One Life to Live, Nick News, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien further solidified her passion for the field.

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